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Youkali. Magazine critical of the arts and of thought. No. 13: Do You Right?


magazine critical of the arts and of thought

No. 13, July 2012.

What right?

Youkali is a magazine published by tierradenadie editions




What right?
– Carlos Rivera Lugo: The time of the not-right
– Juan Domingo Sánchez Estop: The exchange between equals the debt
– Warren Montag: outside the law: Schmitt, Kelsen, and the resistance to the law
– Montserrat Galcerán Huguet: State, crime, and new social rights
– Akis Gavriilidis: The rights of man as a rule and as an exception
– Virgilio Zapatero: around E. B. Pašukanis
– Vittorio Morfino: The crowd in the reading of Negri or on the disarticulation of ontology, and history
– Jose Luis Ruiz Delgado: Poverty, literature, and exodus: Bartleby and the crowd
– Iván Torres Apablaza: The fetishism of the content analysis of the form: approximation reconstructive to the ideological critique of modern society in the Frankfurt school
· David J. Domínguez González and Miguel Alhambra Delgado :The red thread of Foucault. Notes for an introduction to the dossier
· Céline Spector: Foucault, the enlightenment and history: the emergence of civil society
· Luc Foisneau: Foucault, Hobbes, and the critical antijurídica of the illustration
· Alain Brossat: Populace, policy, and event
– María Ángeles Maeso: A literature to the crisis. “99% of the literature on industrial waste” (are you Sure?)
– Inter(w)express… Tohil Delgado (Students ‘ Union): Five (5) quick responses to five (5) key questions (questionnaire drafting)
Elements of critical production
– Two poems for the times
– FOLDER: Adrienne Rich
· Paula Winkler: a Tribute to Adrienne Rich (in memoriam)
· Montserrat Galcerán: Adrienne Rich – Until forever
· Some poems of Adrienne Rich

Analysis of senses / reviews:
– Ruben Crespo: Review of Foucault and the political, José Luis Moreno Tab
– Matías Escalera Cordero: Overview of des/time of If a tree falls: conversations about the war of the Balkans of Isabel Núñez
– Miguel Alhambra Delgado: Review of Essay on the wealth, of Luis Saavedra
– Conversations, reviews and news: Conversations about the latest books by Alberto García-Teresa, David, Benedicte, and César de Vicente Hernando. Review of the poems of Ivo Maldonado. Review multiple of Antonio Crespo Massieu on the work of Arturo Borra, Laura Giordani and Viktor Gómez. Review ofSelf-government, of Antonio Orihuela; and news of two novels on the crisis, Felipe Alcaraz and Esteban Gutiérrez
A classic, a gift
– The purpose of the general theory of Law, of E. B. Pašukanis

Numbers above

· 0: The means of production of the critical

· 1: Philosophy and policy

· 2: Survival and bio-power

· 3: materialism

· 4: Subjectivity, subject. subject

· 5: Work and value

· 6: knowledge and The world

· 7: Aesthetics of resistance

· 8: ¿¡Crisis!? Oh what a crisis!?

· 9: one, two, one-thousand … walls

· 10: environmentalism capitalist

· 11: Art(s) – Feminism(s)

· 12: 15-M