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What is the code of ethics in computing?

What is the code of ethics in computing?

The ACM Code of Ethics is a collection of principles and guidelines designed to help computing professionals make ethically responsible decisions in professional practice. It affirms an obligation of computing professionals, both individually and collectively, to use their skills for the benefit of society.

What are the three main categories or types of codes of ethics?

What are the three main categories (or types) of codes of ethics? Codes for managers, employees, and customers. Codes that are enforced, codes that are voluntarily followed, and codes that are ignored. Corporate codes, professional codes, and government/public service codes.

Why do we need code of ethics in computing?

The Code is not an algorithm for solving ethical problems; rather it serves as a basis for ethical decision-making. When thinking through a particular issue, a computing professional may find that multiple principles should be taken into account, and that different principles will have different relevance to the issue.

How do we practice ethics in programming?

Programming Ethical Guidelines

  1. Contribute to society and human well-being.
  2. Avoid harm to others.
  3. Be honest and trustworthy.
  4. Give proper credit for intellectual property.
  5. Respect the privacy of others.
  6. Honor confidentiality.

What are the principles of code of ethics?

The core ethical principles of beneficence (do good), nonmaleficence (do not harm), autonomy (control by the individual), and justice (fairness) stated by Beauchamp and Childress7 are important to a code of ethics.

What are the ethical issues in science and technology?

Emerging ethical dilemmas in science and technology

  • Personalized genetic tests/personalized medicine.
  • Hacking into medical devices.
  • Driverless Zipcars.
  • 3-D printing.
  • Adaptation to climate change.
  • Low-quality and counterfeit pharmaceuticals.
  • Autonomous systems.
  • Human-animal hybrids (chimeras)