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What is an example of the influence of nature?

What is an example of the influence of nature?

A few examples of biologically determined characteristics (nature) include certain genetic diseases, eye color, hair color, and skin color. Other things like life expectancy and height have a strong biological component, but they are also influenced by environmental factors and lifestyle.

Which is more important nurture or nature?

Nature is more important than nurture because genes determine who we are. Although our environment influences us, genes determine how it affects us. For this reason, nature is more important than nurture.

What is difference between nature and Behaviour?

Behavior is the way how you act with others and family members in your day to day life and in your personal life where as nature is the behavior of subconscious mind for e.g some has sneaking nature ,some has suspicious nature ,some has very helping nature ,they can’t help their nature ,no matter how and what they …

How do you start a Nature Vs Nurture essay?

Structure of Nurture vs Nature Research Paper

  1. Introduction – Start with short description of constant conflict between nature and nurturing aspects.
  2. Body Paragraphs – Should start with topic sentences.
  3. Conclusion – As with most academic essays, conclusion should restate thesis statement in different words.

Are nature and nurture mutually exclusive?

It is based on some unexceptionable points, such as that nature and nurture are not mutually exclusive, that genes cannot cause behavior directly, and that the direction of causation can go both ways (for example, school can make you smarter, and smart people are most engaged by schooling).

Who came up with Nature Vs Nurture?

The phrase ‘nature versus nurture’ was first coined in the mid-1800s by the English Victorian polymath Francis Galton in discussion about the influence of heredity and environment on social advancement.

Was Aristotle nature or nurture?

Nurture. Aristotle believed that human beings gain everything they know through personal experiences. He developed this idea of empiricism, which most people will refer to as the nurture side of the Nature vs. Nurture debate.