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What did Americans who opposed the war in Vietnam want to know about the conflict check all that apply?

What did Americans who opposed the war in Vietnam want to know about the conflict check all that apply?

Americans who opposed the war in Vietnam mainly wanted to know when the war would be over, what the objectives were and when American involvement would end. The movement against the Vietnam war is also known as the peace movement and in general they were opposed against all war and any foreign American involvement.

free self-expression the pursuit of one’s own goals the sharing of resources respect for authority.

How did the United States increase its involvement in Vietnam after the Gulf of Tonkin resolution quizlet?

How did the United States increase the size of its military during the Vietnam War? It implemented a draft to increase troop size.

How did the US involvement in Vietnam change over time select all that apply?

The United States sent more and more troops to Vietnam in the 1960s. The United States turned over defense of South Vietnam to the South Vietnamese army. The United States took over the defense of South Vietnam. The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution gave the president more authority to get involved in Vietnam.

What was a result of early objection to the draft the cost of the war and the number of lives lost?

What was a result of early objections to the draft, the cost of the war, and the number of lives lost? People began protesting the war. You just studied 10 terms!

How many times has the draft been used?

Conscription in the United States, commonly known as the draft, has been employed by the federal government of the United States in six conflicts: the American Revolutionary War, the American Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

What was the impact of Vietnamization on the United States quizlet?

Vietnamization drastically cut America’s involvement in Vietnam and allowed for thousands of U.S. troops to come home. The shootings sparked heated debate as well as the resurgence of “hardhats.”

In what way did the United States underestimate the Vietcong?

US History CH 22 Section 2

In what ways did the US underestimate the Vietcong? US thought they could wear them down with high casulaties, we saw a miliary struggle, they saw it as a fight for their existance

Why might the United States have refused to reenter the war?

Why might the United States have refused to reenter the war? America can regain its sense of pride that existed before Vietnam. But it cannot be achieved by refighting a war that is finished as far as America is concerned. He was born as Nguyen Tat Thanh to a poor Vietnamese family.

Which country supported the French with $15 million in economic aid and $1 billion to the war effort?

That year, President Truman sent nearly $15 million in economic aid to France. Over the next four years, the United States paid for much of France’s war, pumping nearly $1 billion into the effort to defeat a man America had once supported.

When did peace talks began in Vietnam War?

Paris Peace Accords

Agreement on Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Viet Nam
Vietnam Peace Agreement
Signed January 27, 1973
Location Paris, France
Negotiators Lê Đức Thọ Henry Kissinger

What were the reasons protesters demonstrated in Chicago?

Chapter 22, Section 4 US History, Stewart

What were the reasons protestors demonstrated in Chicago? pressure Dem into adopting anti-war platform, displeasure with Humphrey nomination, Yippies (provoke violence to discredit Dem. Party)

Did anyone die in Chicago riots?

In Chicago itself, more than 48 hours of rioting left 11 Chicago citizens dead, 48 wounded by police gunfire, 90 policemen injured, and 2,150 people arrested.

Who started the Chicago Riot?

1919. Chicago racial tension, concentrated on the South Side, was particularly exacerbated by the pressure for adequate housing: the Black population had increased from 44,000 in 1910 to more than 109,000 in 1920. The riot was triggered by the death of a Black youth on July 27.

What happened at the DNC in 1968?

The 1968 Democratic National Convention was held August 26–29 at the International Amphitheatre in Chicago, Illinois, United States. As President Lyndon B. Johnson had announced he would not seek reelection, the purpose of the convention was to select a new presidential nominee for the Democratic Party.

Why did people protest the 1968 Democratic convention?

Protest activity against the Vietnam War took place prior to and during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. In 1968, counterculture and anti-Vietnam War protest groups began planning protests and demonstrations in response to the convention, and the city promised to maintain law and order.

Who was elected as Potus in 1968?

In the presidential election, Republican former Vice President Richard Nixon defeated Democratic incumbent Vice President Hubert Humphrey. Nixon won the popular vote by less than one point, but took most states outside the Northeast and comfortably won the electoral vote.

Who was the guy in the flag shirt in Forrest Gump?

Richard D’Alessandro

What was the Yippie movement?

The Youth International Party (YIP), whose members were commonly called Yippies, was an American youth-oriented radical and countercultural revolutionary offshoot of the free speech and anti-war movements of the late 1960s. It was founded on December 31, 1967.

Why were the Students for a Democratic Society a significant group in the 1960s quizlet?

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) How: They addressed problems of poverty, and impoverished neighborhoods; they organized communities to remedy certain situations. They also protested their universities’ academic policies and then, more passionately the Vietnam war.

What was the purpose of the Students for a Democratic Society?

Students for a Democratic Society

Predecessor Student League for Industrial Democracy
Purpose Left-wing student activism
Location United States
Secessions Revolutionary Youth Movement Weather Underground
Affiliations Venceremos Brigade