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What are the advantages and disadvantages of survey method of data collection?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of survey method of data collection?

Advantages of Surveys

  • High Representativeness. Surveys provide a high level of general capability in representing a large population.
  • Low Costs.
  • Convenient Data Gathering.
  • Good Statistical Significance.
  • Little or No Observer Subjectivity.
  • Precise Results.
  • Inflexible Design.
  • Not Ideal for Controversial Issues.

What are some advantages of using a survey to collect data?

Survey research is a unique way of gathering information from a large cohort. Advantages of surveys include having a large population and therefore a greater statistical power, the ability to gather large amounts of information and having the availability of validated models.

What is an advantages of using surveys for data collection quizlet?

Surveys directly ask people for their opinions and thoughts. The advantages of using surveys include the collection of efficient data, ease of use, and the ability to gather information on unobservable phenomena such as emotions, feelings, and attitudes.

What are the disadvantages of data collection?

– High costs as this method require a staff of people to perform the interview. – The quality of the collected data depends on the ability of the interviewer to gather data well. – A time-consuming process that involves transcription, organization, reporting, etc.

What are disadvantages of using this type of data collection?

Respondents may not represent an accurate population sample. Respondents’ return rate may be too high to manage. Respondents may exaggerate or distort facts. Response rates may be low.

What are limitations of data?

Any inconsistencies and/or errors existing in the data. Any duplicates or outliers in the data. Any normalization or other transformation of the data.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of personal interview in data collection?

Collection of Data

Advantages Disadvantages
(a) Personal Interviews 1. Highest response rate. 2. Allows use of all types of questions. 1. Most expensive. 2. Possibility of influencing respondents. 3. More time taking.

What are the major sources of data?

Methods of Collecting Primary Data

  • Direct personal investigation.
  • Indirect oral investigation.
  • Information through correspondents.
  • Telephonic interview.
  • Mailed questionnaire.
  • The questionnaire filled by enumerators.

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