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¡Neighbours to the Power! Another way of doing politics is possible

Before this country is we come over, some residents of a town near madrid called Torrelodones became the first “indignant” spaniards. Threw themselves into the fight for what they believed right, trying to unmask the turpitude with which he ruled the municipality and the dirty strategies that were constructed by those who managed the threads of local politics to carry out their master plans to exploit the common good for their own benefit and their minions.

After years of effort, hard work, political maneuvering and communication, covering with imagination and good humor of the holes that did not reach the usual resources of the political parties the use of, or the power groups, they decided to take it a step further and try to become part of the fabric of local politics. Now, to the dismay and surprise of many, Neighbors for Torrelodones governs the town hall and demonstrated every day, with illusion, which is another way of doing politics is possible.

Juan Luis Cano, a member of Neighbors for Torrelodones


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Neighbors for Torrelodones

Neighbors for Torrelodones is a political party in Torrelodones, founded in early 2007 by a group of neighbors without any previous contact with the policy, aware of and committed to their municipality and concerned with the direction that the municipal policy was taking in the people, ruled by the same group of power since it had been almost twenty-five years.

Its origin is related to a platform environmental call TorreNat (Torrelodones for Nature and Sustainable Development), also founded by several residents, most notably Elena Biurrun, Juan Luis Delgado and Enrique Sotto. This platform emerged as a reaction to the urban plans over the legislature 2003-2007, when the mayor of the PP, today accused drove a town-planning project of 1,500 homes and a golf course on a total area of 128 hectares of high environmental value, which had been protected in the legislature, 1993-1997, by unanimous decision of the municipal consistory.

Just two months before the municipal elections of 2007, emerged the party: Neighbors for Torrelodones. In a very short time they drew up their statutes, was registered in the register of the Ministry of the Interior, has prepared an electoral program of nearly two hundred pages-and launched an original campaign of “mail shots” in the more than seven thousand households of the locality of madrid.

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