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Is OtterBox really worth it?

Is OtterBox really worth it?

The OtterBox isn’t winning fans on accident, it does work really well and lives up to the claims it makes. Not only does it work in the short term as far as protecting your phone from individual incidents, it’s also effective for the long term, providing protection over the life of your phone.

Is LifeProof owned by OtterBox?

LifeProof, a San Diego maker of waterproof cases for iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices, said today it has been acquired by larger rival OtterBox for an undisclosed price. OtterBox employs 650 worldwide.

Why is it called OtterBox?

OtterBox is such a unique name for a company — where did it come from? Curt: Similar to an otter’s fur, our first line was a waterproof box. That product benefit inspired my wife, Nancy Richardson, to create the name OtterBox.

Millions of OtterBox users can’t be wrong. So protect your mobile world with the most popular case in mobile-world protection. Every case we make ships free everyday – saving you valuable time, money and hassles. Our 1-year warranty covers material and workmanship defects for one year from the original purchase date.

Is OtterBox made in China?

The Otterbox is Made in USA, China and Mexico. Their headquarter is located in CO USA, the questions you must ask yourself when you are buying a Otterbox case does it comes with 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty or not.

Do you need a screen protector with an Otterbox?

No. The protective case actually is designed so that there is no need for a screen protector. The clip of the case can cover the screen when the phone is not in use and snaps on to the back casing when the phone is in use.

Which is better OtterBox or LifeProof?

Lifeproof cases are generally lighter and sleeker, whereas Otterbox cases are sturdier and considered bulkier. Otterbox cases are comparatively less pricey, whereas Lifeproof cases have a more premium price. Lifeproof cases are waterproof, whereas Otterbox cases only provide general dust, scratch, and shock protection.

Are all Otterbox Cases Drop proof?

OtterBox case designs are tested for UV exposure, extreme temperature, jeans pocket wear, abrasion, drop and so much more. “Every case design goes through rigorous testing in our labs to create products that withstand drops, skids, slides and bumps,” said OtterBox President and CEO Pete Lindgren.

Is Casetify better than OtterBox?

Casetify has an overall score of 4.9, based on 85 ratings on Knoji. OtterBox ( is a very popular cell phone accessory brand which competes against brands like PopSockets, Android Market and ZAGG. OtterBox has an overall score of 4.3, based on 88 ratings on Knoji.

Can your screen crack with an OtterBox?

So, if you accidentally dropped your phone badly, the screen can shatter in the OtterBox. Here is what to do if your iPhone screen shattered in OtterBox. So, if the case gets damaged, they will replace it, but they will never replace your iPhone’s screen. OtterBox will do nothing to replace the screen.

Does OtterBox pay for your phone if it breaks?

Does OtterBox replace a phone if it breaks? No. OtterBox will replace a broken/damaged case, but the warranty does NOT cover any damage to the phone.

What happens if my phone breaks while in an Otterbox?

If a manufacturing, material or workmanship defect arises regarding any Product, and a valid claim is received by Otter no later than sixty (60) calendar days after the expiration of the applicable Warranty Period, Otter will, in its discretion: (1) repair the Product using new or refurbished parts; (2) replace the …

What phone case will replace your phone if it breaks?

Product Description. ShieldX2 is so thin and transparent that you’ll hardly notice it’s there. Plus, it’s incredibly durable with a tempered glass adhesive screen that applies easily and bubble-free. And if your phone breaks while the ShieldX2 case is on it, we’ll replace your phone the next business day for just $40.

Does otterbox ask for proof of purchase?

THEY DO NOT REQUIRE A RECEIPT. Wow this actually worked lol just ordered a case. It costed 6.35 with tax + shipping.

Do you have to send back your OtterBox?

What is your return policy? We will accept returns within 30 days of the original purchase only if the product was purchased directly from Otter Products.

What can I do with an old OtterBox case?

Donate your old phone case. Many organizations like Goodwill or The Salvation Army will gladly take donated cases off your hands. According to Pela Case, there are a number of specific charities that are interested in donated phones and phone cases.