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If the right continues, not going to ever win a choice

Is the quote important?

‘Where are they going to get the almost 4% of the votes that they need to reach the Government?

-Baldo Prokurica (RN):

“The opposition has been, already on two occasions, very close to being the government. This is an element that, despite being so obvious, it is for the public or for the government. We are almost half of the country; however, to the left that governs’t seem to care what you think about the opposition. And when you do not have the elements to win with the votes, use any mechanism. As an Alliance we’ve done in-depth studies, and we believe that at least 10 per cent of parliamentarians, mayors and councillors of the Consultation have come out product of the intervention of elections. We lost the presidential election last product of the same’.

If you really believe that, then they will continue to lose elections as they have done for the past 80 years. Nearly half a century ago that the right does not win a presidential election (’57 with Alessandri). And that choice is only won by the division of the vote -let’s say in terms of the now- ‘progressive’. To put it another way, the right wing has lost the election 1938, 1942, 1946, 1952, 1964, 1970, 1989, 1993, 1999 and 2005 (and lost the plebiscite of the ’88, which should also count as a presidential election). The record is quite clear.

The 4% seems to little in electoral terms. But one could well say that it is quite difficult to achieve. And less if the explanation is on the side of ‘intervention’ and not to observe their problems.

In any case, if you even came to winning an election, would not be so problematic. And not the idea that are not so different from the current government. Is that the right comes to rule in Chile and, immediately, the country was inoculated against his government. Let’s say that have a good inability not only to win an election, but his chances of winning often are almost sensitive.