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How do I get a replacement key for my 2004 Honda Accord?

How do I get a replacement key for my 2004 Honda Accord?

Generally speaking, you have three options:

  1. Call an automotive locksmith that offers a mobile service for Honda Accord cars. We can help you with that.
  2. Tow the car to the dealer.
  3. Order a key online and have the dealer or locksmith cut and program it for you (if necessary).

How much is a key for a 2004 Honda Accord?

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Does a 2004 Honda Accord have a transponder key?

We also carry a variety of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) remote head key fobs, transponder keys, and other smart key remote fobs. …

How do I turn my Honda on without a key?

How do you start a Honda without a key? Remove the screws that are holding the electrical part (the part with the wires) and the mechanical part of the ignition switch together. Insert a flat-head screwdriver into the key hole and turn in the same direction as you would your key . This will start your car.

How do I unlock my Honda Accord trunk without a key?

Alternatively, many Honda Accords have a button on the left side of the steering wheel, near the driver’s side foot well; pressing this should pop the trunk. If You’re out of options, You can try accessing the trunk through Your back seat.

How do I unlock my Honda Accord trunk?

To open the trunk, press the trunk release button on the driver’s door. You can also use the master key to open the trunk lock. To close the trunk, press down on the trunk lid. Do not press down on the rear spoiler as you may damage it.

Can you break into a car trunk?

You need to get into the car itself and remove the rear seat. That will allow you access to the trunk and with a good flashlight and a magnet or coathanger you should be able to retrieve them. On a newer car they usually have a trunk release inside the trunk in case someone gets locked in the trunk.